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The Body Has It's Own Wisdom

All the answers lie within and we can reach them nurturing the connection with our bodies

Welcome to One Body Therapy

I offer a variety of breath bodywork techniques, emotional energetic regulation modalities and therapeutic deep tissue massage to invite every part of you, somatic, emotional, mental and spiritual into your own exploration journey.

My name is Claudia Torres and I am a fully certified bodywork therapist.

I offer a space for deep relaxation and healing, an atmosphere of peace and acceptance that allows you to connect with a quieter, deeper, truthful part of yourself.

The Therapies I Offer Are:

Each therapy on its own is a way of self-exploration. A way to identify what factors in life are perpetuating problems and/or are causing current issues.


Emotional Regulation Integrative Bodywork

Gaia / Eternal Light®

Energy Healing

Remedial - Therapeutic

Deep Tissue Massage

My Approach

My Approach is to work guided & along with your body/mind/energy using breath work, soft & deep tissue and energy therapies to facilitate a state that would allow your entire body, specially the nervous system to open, clear and rebalance itself in an integrative way.

Apart from being really effective at treating stress and physical tension this bodywork emotional regulation perspective has also broader implications: you will discover that a sense of peace and well being is found turning towards your body in a compassionate way, tuning into its signals, and allowing it to be your guide.

When we are born healthy and we come into this world we move from the top of our head to the tips of our toes with every breath we take and as we begin to be a little older as long as we feel safe, there’s going to be a movement within us that is natural and easy.

But if we don’t feel safe for any reason, we start to put ourselves away and we do that with our muscles and our breath. We can start to make ourselves smaller than how we really are and we lose that natural ability, that natural flexibility we have in life, our natural resources to deal with our life situations.

When someone is really present with you, there’s something about that that you don’t feel alone with your deepest sensations. That’s really healing.

At the heart of my practice is the aim of assisting you into remembering who you really are and out of that, you'd find more possibilities of how you can live your life with freedom and at ease.

As a therapist member of the UK regulatory body, Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), you can be certain that I adhere to the highest standards of work, care and professional conduct. All of my treatments are tailored to your individual needs and a warm, friendly and confidential service is assured.

I would like to invite you to check the Privacy Policy this practice stands by.

To book an appointment or to get more information about the practice please contact me.

When we learn to nurture our relationship with our highly sensitive and wise body we open ourselves up to new ways of finding inner peace, inner joy and our true inner voice.

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The process to book an appointment works like this:

  • You will send me an email requesting for an appointment or to inquire about the treatment you are interested in.
  • I will then send you an email with all information you are requesting that would include the availability at the places where the practice is held: Balham, Clapham South and Marylebone.
  • After you choose the place and time that best suits you, I will check with the place and you will receive a confirmation email with all the details about your appointment including how to make the payment.
  • After you choose the place and time that best suits you, I will check with the place and you will receive a confirmation email with all the details about your appointment including how to make the payment and our cancellation policy.

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