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The fourth dimension: to be in the heart

Amanae bodywork works within a dimension where we can be aware of what our mind is doing without being totally trapped on that doing. We can be aware of the flux of our emotions and allow them to rise and flow through us without being tumbled by them, without feeling trapped inside them. We can be aware of the kind of thoughts our mind is having: it says this and then it says that.

Getting in touch with that dimension, the 4th dimension allows us to start to be clear, to feel in the flesh the difference between being in the mind, the thinking space and the clear aware space presence of being in the heart.

Stepping into this awareness can bring an enormous difference in vibration frequency and everyday performance that we can start to notice pretty soon.

Our ability to think clearly might get enhanced as compulsive and more than often, useless thinking gradually subsides.

We can experience aliveness and peace because we are not as much “Me & my problems” as we get a different understanding of our emotional, thought, and physical processes.

When we are more conscious within our hearts, into this open spaciousness; we can have a better understanding of the people around us and our physical environment that can lead us to make more aligned and careful decisions, keeping our focus and knowing what’s important at any moment.

We can enjoy life and live in the moment more often as we are not trapped in an overwhelming past or in an anxious future anymore, as we do when we are “Me & My Problems”.

In these circumstances we are possessed by thoughts, judgments, overwhelmed by memories, worry, anger, resentment or sadness. Every thought and emotion feel absolutely important and absolutely right: “THIS is how it is”. “Let me tell you how things are”.

The space of simple awareness and presence of the heart, is the opportunity to be fully open to ourselves and the aliveness of the flowing movements of life.


16 - 10 - 2023

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