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The body doesn’t lie. Enough of apologising

Amanae, Emotional release bodywork is not for the faint hearted.

It works better if we are at a place where we are open to see what the body wants to show us, to see ourselves naked, to feel our deepness.
If we don’t feel like it, it’s totally fine. Wherever we are is exactly where we need to be at the moment.

When the body doesn’t need to apologise it shows itself in its splendour. This can be felt as intense for some of us.
When a human animal body has the space to be without apologising it does what  human animal bodies do: smell, taste, move, cry, shout, laugh, feel anger, feel sad, feel rage, kick, hug, embrace, sing, feel happy, feel peaceful, feel joyful. Feel deeply in love and awe.

We have normalised in so many ways that what human animal bodies do is wrong, is shameful, and embarrassing.

"What was that!?", "I don’t have a clue of what just happened", "That was quite something", "Uuahhhhuuu, that felt like a trip!!", "I don’t understand how that could happen", "That wasn't me at all", "I can't recognize myself", "I haven't felt like that ever", "I don't have words"

To experience the body taking up whole space, doing what it needs to, can bring sensations of freedom and lightness and also awkwardness and self-consciousness as we’ve learned to keep this inside, repressed, out of sight, even from us.

Part of me feels fine with these comments and another part of me can feel unease, like if I’ve done something terribly wrong.

This is mine: when I was growing up I felt I was too much, too intense, too loud, that I took too much space, too much attention. This is something I am continually working on. 

Sometimes it is amazing to see how fast the mind, all our layers of protection can tell us to retract, go back to the known. Feel ourselves deeply, feel fully alive can bring fears. It is incredibly touching to experience in your own body and witness the beauty of an open heart.

I am really aware the first session could be the only time I’d meet a person in this lifetime so my commitment to be present and open as fully as I am capable of, is my aim and the gift to myself.

(BTW, I don’t “DO” anything because there's nothing that needs to be "DONE": in this type of work you and I, we both work together consciously all the time, slowly at your own pace; breathing and being present. This allows your body to be as it needs to and shows its magic).

I come from a place in South America with huge mountains and powerful rivers, incredible sweet fruits and vibrant colours. Maybe this is also the reason I like Amanae Emotional Release bodywork, because it is truthful. It goes through the heart and touches the roots. 


01 - 02 - 2024

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