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Do you ever question whether what you see, tell, or describe is truly as it appears?

For those who may not remember, a kaleidoscope is a "toy" composed of a tube you look through, where fascinating shapes form when turning the wheel or shaking it. Regardless of how beautiful, striking, and curious each form may be, they are all constructed, temporary, and ever-changing, existing solely within that magical tube.

What if viewing reality were akin to looking through a kaleidoscope?

What if you are the kaleidoscope you look through? What if we all are?

All the beliefs we carry with us—whether conscious or unconscious, likes and dislikes, fixations, obsessions, preferences, demands, experiences, situations, memories, etc.—create a pattern, much like the form in a kaleidoscope, through which we perceive the world. This influences our internal and external narratives, shaping how we explain ourselves, share stories, defend our perspectives, make decisions, and take actions.

From this perspective, we talk, praise, love, hate, and live according to the composition of shapes and colours in our perception and interpretation. Interestingly, we often fail to question whether our perceptions align with reality or if our ideas, sensations, and emotions are influenced by biases from our own minds.

So, how can we trust the image formed by this "kaleidoscope" shaped over the years?

Don't you feel compelled to set aside your personal kaleidoscope for a moment and truly see what lies beyond?

It seems straightforward, doesn't it?

So, why doesn't it happen?

One reason is that it's incredibly challenging for us to abandon the map (our references) through which we construct our understanding of everything, including ourselves and our lives.

For many of us, these references, constructs, and structures were formed to protect us during what was perceived as, or indeed was, extremely challenging or even unbearable experiences. Consequently, our internal systems might resist or even prevent us from approaching them, deeming it dangerous or painful. These constructs have been our protective mechanisms.

Remaining present, appreciating the moment for what it is, without evaluating it through the lens of our mental kaleidoscope, challenges our established character and structure.

Being present without judgement can open doors to various experiences, sensations, emotions, and memories. It's like a dam wall opening, allowing things to flow freely and dissipate.

Deconstruction occurs naturally. Beliefs fade when they are no longer necessary for being right about this or that.

We might feel like someone standing on a balcony, observing a landscape or scene without any particular intention beyond that. This can lead to a different, fresher, and likely more genuine relationship with both external and internal events.

There's less mental noise, fewer judgments, and less chatter.

Space and a profound silence begin to settle.

Something wiser guides our actions and decision-making.

It's not about becoming unfeeling but rather evolving into a human being less encumbered by acquired constructs and more open to the flow of life.

This transformation is a process we can undergo in an Amanae Emotional/Energy Release bodywork therapy session, where the power of touch and presence facilitates deep emotional and energetic shifts, helping us reconnect with our authentic selves and embrace the flow of life more fully.


24 - 04 - 2024

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